Shigeo Nagashima Rookie Cards

Do you know that the most expensive Shigeo Nagashima Baseball Rookie Card (Shigeo Nagashima ROOKIE Japanese Baseball 1958 Doyusha Set of 4 Action PSA 4-5) was sold on eBay in June 2014 for $249.99 while the cheapest Rookie Card (shigeo nagashima rookie card menko 1958) changed hands for only $12.70 in March 2015? The month with the most cards sold (3) was July 2015 with an average selling price of $29.00 for a Baseball Card of Shigeo Nagashima. Sold items reached their highest average selling price in April 2017 with $91.00 and the month that saw the lowest prices with $29.00 was July 2015. In average, a Rookie Card from Shigeo Nagashima is valued with $43.30.

To give you a bigger picture, here are some more Baseball Rookie Cards of Shigeo Nagashima that were sold recently on eBay. In total, we scanned 24 sales to create the statistics about price trends and current value of Shigeo Nagashima Baseball Rookie Cards shown on top of this page:

Picture Item Title ▼ Price   Store  
1958 JCM30a Shigeo Nagashima ROOKIE Japanese Baseball Uncut Menko Card Japan$45.00
1958 JCM30a Shigeo Nagashima ROOKIE Katsuya Nomura Japanese Baseball Card Japan$57.00
Japanese baseball card - 1958 JBR 14 - Shigeo Nagashima (HOF) Rookie$46.50
JCM 33b: 1958 Shigeo Nagashima Japanese Baseball Menko Card (HOF) - Rookie Card$27.00
Shigeo Nagashima HOF Yomiuri Giants Japanese Vintage baseball 1958 Rookie Card$19.95